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MANP 2021 Annual Conference & Membership Meeting

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The first and only state association devoted entirely to nurse practitioners!       

           Mississippi Association of Nurse Practitioners (MANP) is the first and only state association committed entirely to nurse practitioners! MANP is committed to protecting the APRN role.  MANP was started in 2014, with a mission and focus to elevate the nurse practitioner profession in Mississippi. Our association's Board of Directors is comprised and managed by ten, volunteer nurse practitioners elected by the association's members.  We recognize the importance of NPs in the provision of healthcare, the need for enhanced visibility, legislative clout, educational opportunities, and participation in key decision-making roles. MANP is an affiliate of the AANP and is your NP specialty association.  We advocate for NPs with the legislature, Congress, other policymakers, and other healthcare associations both in the state and nationally. 

MANP's key initiatives include;

  • Full Practice Authority
  • Access to care for patients 
  • NP signature recognition
  • NP Income tax incentives & exemptions for underserved practice areas & clinic owners
  • NP reimbursement

           Current barriers placed on NPs are a restriction of trade and creates unnecessary access to care barriers for your patients.  The number of primary care providers is insufficient to care for the existing patient loads and APRNs can fill this gap that is desperately needed to care for the residents of MS.  Twenty-eight states have passed legislation to help fill the gaps in primary care allowing for full practice authority for NPs.  MANP will work on your behalf to add MS to the list of those states allowing NPs to work within the full scope of their practice.  Full practice authority does not mean “no collaboration.”  Nurse practitioners, as well as, other health care professionals, will always collaborate within interprofessional realms.  Full practice authority is the removal of the formal contract required for NPs to practice in this state.  No other disciplines, other than APRNs, are required to have such a restrictive contract to perform within their scope of practice. Not every NP will desire to open clinics or work in practices without a physician. There are many misconceptions about full practice authority.  MANP will help educate professionals and the public regarding full practice authority.  Nurse practitioners that have been trained, educated, and possess competency in skills should be allowed to practice fully within their scope whether the physician is physically present or not. 

      Today, MANP partners with other organizations such as the MS Board of Nursing, MS Nurses’ Association, MS Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and AANP to advance the role of the NP.  Progress has been made in MS by partnering with these organizations.  MANP through advocacy efforts like communication, and educational programs similar to the 2019 Annual Conference and Membership meeting, MANP can continue to advocate for you.  It is the engagement of the membership and NPs across the state that is active in and financially supports the association that makes our efforts successful. Membership matters, so join today. Make your voice heard loud & clear. You don't have to worry if your CE will be accepted.  We do that for you.  MANP also provides frequent conferences and pharmaceutical-sponsored dinner meetings across the state to keep you updated concerning your profession.  MANP also provides communications through blast emails to keep you up to date with current events and legislative happenings that affect your practice and help to protect your income.  We provide community education to help patients learn more about Nurse Practitioners and the care we are able to provide.  We encourage you to be an active part of your association to help move your profession forward.

 The Benefits of Membership

          MANP is an association focused entirely on the needs of Nurse Practitioners in the state of Mississippi.  Our focus is on moving the profession forward in our state.  We recognize the importance of nurse practitioners in the provision of healthcare in our state and the need to enhance their visibility, legislative clout, and participation in key decision-making roles.  We are your voice. And collectively, with one voice, we can reach our goals and protect the progress we make.


          We provide advocacy and representation for all nurse practitioner types including Family Practice, Women’s Health, Acute Care, Adult-Geri, Pediatric, Mental Health, Research, Education, and more. We have regular meetings and participate in community events as well as local, state, and national seminars and conventions to remain abreast of the latest education, technologies, and issues affecting our practice. Due to COVID-19 social distancing and group restriction issued, some meetings have been postponed. See upcoming events for more details.


Get Involved in the Association that Supports Your Mission

          Join MANP and take advantage of our educational, networking, and leadership opportunities.  The members of the MANP Board of Directors would like very much for you to become actively involved in your association and help us move our state toward full practice authority. There are membership options for NPs, students, retirees, and affiliate members who support the work of nurse practitioners. If you are a member and would like to serve on a committee, please give us a call at 601-407-3226 or email us at [email protected]  If you are a clinic owner, we want your input in our committee devoted to you, the business owner.  We look forward to working with you as we support your profession in our state and nationally.  Membership dues and donations are the association's means of support.  MANP is a non-profit association and we depend on you to help support the Nurse Practitioner efforts in moving our profession forward in a state that has so many challenges in healthcare.

 If you would like to serve on a steering committee click below to let us know.


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