The Mississippi Association of Nurse Practitioners’ Board of Directors is comprised of ten volunteer nurse practitioners from across the state. Our board members are a diverse group whose areas of practice range from hospitalists to private practice owners. All positions are voluntary for Board and committee service. They all share one goal in common: to help build a strong, united association dedicated to Nurse Practitioners and committed to APRNs practicing to the fullest extent of their education and training.  Our association advocates for better access to healthcare for patients in Mississippi as related to APRN practice. 

If you have a question or concern you would like to share with our board members, please contact them via email.  

2022-2024 Elections

Time Sensitive Message from President:

MANP has had an eventful year for 2021-2022 with many unexpected outcomes occurring with further Covid restrictions and legislative events. With the lifting of Covid restrictions, we hosted our Spring Conference on March 5 in Oxford. What a success! Great speakers and attendees!

The legislative session brought us to a closer reality in seeing Full Practice Authority passage than in any previous sessions. Our affiliations with the John Morgan Hughes lobbyist and Public Relations groups have been phenomenal with their oversight and persistence in the legislative process. To our surprise, SB 2178 ended in the Senate with a denial to pass for a vote by the Chairman of the Public Health Committee based on continued questions concerning education, regulatory, and malpractice for the changes required within the practice acts for APRNs.

 Last fall, we established the Strategic Planning Committee to evaluate the mission of MANP and implement reforms to serve our membership majority with resources, education, and meetings to meet the needs of a more representative group of our membership. Be sure to register and attend the annual meeting in July at Gulf Shores to hear these strategic plans. Your input is invaluable as we serve you.

Election time has arrived again for our organization. Be sure to look at ways to serve the organization by becoming more involved as a member of the board of directors or officer. The term of our existing officers will end at the July meeting in Gulf Shores. Installation of our new 2022-2024 officers will be at this annual meeting for all members to meet and greet.

It has been an honor to serve you as the President.


Ann Glasgow, DNP

MANP President


Dear Members, 

Please consider serving on the Board of the Mississippi Association of Nurse Practitioners. The upcoming elections for Vice President, Secretary, and three Directors at Large is now!  Please consider these positions and complete an application as a nominee if you are interested in being on the ballot. This must be done promptly as noted, don’t wait to complete if you have a passion to serve.
Nominees must be a MANP members with an unencumbered, active RN and Nurse Practitioner license in MS. All positions are voluntary. Therefore, any expenses incurred to attend conferences, board meetings, special events, including time and travel, are the responsibility of the member-candidate. No nominees will be accepted after March 19, 2022. Vetted candidates will be required to complete and return to the MANP office a Consent to Serve document before being placed on the electronic ballot. Consent to Serve Nominee packet submission deadline is March 25, 2022, via mail or email. All candidates will be posted on the MANP website for 30 days. Elections will remain open for 30 days. The posting and closing dates of elections will be posted on the Board’s website. The elections will take place by digital ballot. Each MANP member in good standing with all membership fees paid will be sent an electronic ballot to the official email address on file in the MANP office and will have 30 days to cast their votes. Votes will only be accepted from active members with accounts in good standing utilizing the electronic ballot sent from MANP.

Positions available:

(1) Vice-President- Must be able to serve four years consecutively two as VP, two as President.

(1) Secretary

(3) Directors at Large 








Financial Consultant, Admin.
Steve Highfill



Immediate Past President
Dr. Tina Highfill, DNP, FNP-BC, CCM,LNC