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Topics: Therapeutic Pain Techniques, Osteoporosis, Debunking Myths in Mental Health, Benzos in Mental Health, Headaches, Neuropathy, Pediatric Cardiology, Human Trafficking, Medical Cannabis, Legislation & Grassroots Politics, AANP Update, Preventing & Managing GU Syndrome in Menopause, Peripheral Vascular, DVT, Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics and other pharmacology.


Welcome to our Site!

The first and only state association devoted entirely to nurse practitioners! 

    Mississippi Association of Nurse Practitioners (MANP) is the first and only state association committed entirely to nurse practitioners! We are committed to protecting the APRN role. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners was founded in June 2014, with a mission to serve as the professional association for the nurse practitioners of Mississippi, providing advocacy, education, and networking. Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer nurse practitioners elected by the association's members. We recognize the importance of NPs in the provision of healthcare, the need for enhanced visibility, legislative influence, educational opportunities, and participation in key decision-making roles. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners is your NP specialty association.

      We advocate for NPs with the legislature, Congress, other policymakers, and other healthcare associations both in the state and nationally. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners' key initiatives include;

          •  Full Practice Authority allows NPs to practice to the fullest extent of their education & training within their respective scopes of practice
          •  Increase Access to care for patients
          •  NP orders for DME, Home Health, Hospice
          •  NP signature recognition on legal documents and eliminating co-signatures
          •  NP Income tax incentives & exemptions for underserved practice areas & clinic owners
          •  NP reimbursement

      Restrictive Barriers to Patient Access to Care

        Current over-regulated barriers placed on NPs create unnecessary access to care barriers for your patients. The number of primary care providers in the state is insufficient to care for the existing patient loads.  APRNs can fill this gap that is desperately needed to care for the residents of Mississippi. Twenty-seven states, alongside the District of Columbia, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands have passed legislation to help fill the gaps in primary care allowing for full practice authority for NPs. These states are at the top for the best healthcare while Mississippi continually ranks last. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners will work hard on your behalf to add MS to the list of those states allowing NPs to work within the full scope of their practice and get Mississippi off the top of the list for the worst healthcare in the nation. Full practice authority does not mean “no collaboration.” Nurse practitioners, as well as, other health care professionals, will always collaborate within interprofessional realms and make referrals for the patients' most appropriate care. Full practice authority is the removal of the formal contract required for NPs to practice in this state. When there is a sudden discontinuation of the formal contract, an APRN is forced by regulation to immediately stop practicing until another contract can be implemented and approved by the regulatory boards. There are many misconceptions about full practice authority. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners will help educate professionals including our nurse practitioners, legislators, and the public regarding full practice authority. Licensed and certified Nurse practitioners who have been trained, educated, and possess national competency through passing of national board certification should be allowed to practice fully within their scope.

          Membership Matters

            Make your voice heard loud & clear by joining forces. You don't have to worry if your CE will be accepted. We do that for you. Our programs are AANP approved, accepted by the Boards of Nursing for license renewal, and our Medical Cannabis programs are approved by the MSDH as required for initial certification and renewal certification.  MANP has also partnered with CE Broker and we will upload your controlled substance CE hours earned through our educational programs to the CE Broker site for you. MANP also provides frequent conferences and pharmaceutical-sponsored dinner meetings across the state to keep you updated concerning your profession. MANP provides email communications to keep you up to date with current events and legislative happenings that affect your practice and help to protect your income. We provide community education to help patients learn more about Nurse Practitioners and the care we are able to provide. We encourage you to be an active part of your association to help move your profession forward. We are your voice, and collectively, we can reach our goals to protect the progress of nurse practitioners.

              Specialty Car Tags-  IMPORTANT UPDATE 

              Due to the lack of interest in a supportive specialty tag for nurse practitioners, the MS Association of Nurse Practitioners will begin refunding those who have applied for the pre-sale with us. Since this has been a lengthy process, we know that many of you may not be using the same credit card used for the pre-sale. Therefore, we will begin issuing refunds by check to the address on file on 05/15/2024. 

              You must update your mailing address and phone contact information by May 13, 2024. 

              Update Instructions

              1-log in to the website
              2-go to your member "My Profile" link on the right side of the website AFTER logging in 
              3-update your mailing address and contact information. 
              Email: [email protected]
              If you have a problem updating your contact information, please let us know by responding to the email
               1-complete mailing address
               2-phone number               




              The 2024 MS Legislative Session started 01/02/2024.

              State Representative Trey Lamar of Senatobia was elected to serve as a Temporary Speaker for the day to administer the oath of office to the new 62nd Speaker, Jason White, and Speaker Pro Tempore, Representative Manly Barton of District 109.

              There are 25 new members of the House.


              Brad Mattox (HD 2)
              Justin Keen (HD 6)
              Kimberly Remak (HD 7)
              Josh Hawkins (HD 10)
              Beth Waldo (HD 15)
              Rodney Hall (HD 20)
              Andy Stepp (HD 23)
              Doc Harris (HD 28)
              Jim Estrada (HD 33)
              Clay Mansell (HD 56)
              Jonathan McMillan (HD 58)
              Lance Varner (HD 62)
              Celeste Hurst (HD 75)
              Chuck Blackwell (HD 88)
              Elliott Burch (HD 105)
              Steve Lott (HD 107)
              Jimmy Fondren (HD 111)
              Zachary Grady (HD 115)


              Kenji Holloway (HD 27)
              Keith Jackson (HD 45)
              Timaka James-Jones (HD 51)
              Lawrence Blackmon (HD 57)
              Fabian Nelson (HD 66)
              Tamarra Butler-Washington (HD 69)
              Justis Gibbs (HD 72)

              Seven new Senators took the Oath of Office on Tuesday along with 45 returning Senators members.

              Reginald Jackson (D) for District 11
              Bradford Blackmon (D) for District 21
              Andy Berry (R) with District 35
              Brian Rhodes (R) for District 36
              Gary Brumfield (D) for District 38
              Robin Robinson (R) for District 42 
              Philman Ladner (R) for District 46.
              The previous Senate President Pro Tempore, Dean Kirby, was renominated.
              If you haven’t met these new Senators and representatives, please make sure you get to know the ones in YOUR district.


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